Sean William Hall Programmer - Level Designer - Modeller
Substance Painter
Unity 4/5
Unreal Engine 4
About programmer who has a broad skillset ranging into Art and Design. Currently based in Manchester, UK My skills include programming, design and gameplay. All my programming knowledge has been self taught, due to this I have the ability to pick up new languages and software extremely quickly.

I currently have allot of experience in working with small teams collaborating online, offering my programming skills covering any aspect they may need (gameplay, back-end systems, UI, networking, etc).

Thanks to studying all aspects of Game Development, I have knowledge covering all grounds (Game Design, Level Design, Environment, Character, Prop Modeling, Lighting, Sound, ETC) which allows me to communicate with other members of the team in a more efficient manner. In contrast I can also work well individually, being able to apply my programming and design skills to create a application.


Programming Languages:

C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HLSL, PHP, Python, C


Unity3D (4, 5), Unreal Engine (2004, 3, 4), CryEngine 3


Gameplay, UI, Networking, AI, Procedural Generation


Level Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing
Commercial Projects
Unity Magica Voxels Tool

Personal/Student Projects
Voxel Engine

Design/Art Projects
Modular Modelling
Contact Me If you would like to contact me for potential freelance work, have any questions about my previous projects or would like to collaborate on a project. Feel free to send me an email using this form or by emailing:

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